Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sleepless Dreams: Aspire No More

Check out Sleepless Dreams: Aspire No More: "Aspire no more. I was on Twitter today. Nothing spectacular there, Twitter is sort of my lifeline, my supportline, my indieline, friendlin..."

LIVING WITH EPILEPSY .. For a long time, I have been standing still. The days, months and years have just passed me by.
Now it's time to live, feel my heartbeat, the grass beneath my feet and to follow my dream. For ten years I have been sad, feeling like a part of me died- when I was diagnosed. Whilst trying to accept the changes I ended up shutting the world out.
No more ! No More ! Because of the seizures I lost my confidence. I use to write alot. Before the seizure that caused an NDE and sent me to intensive care. When I came home I could not think clear and I put my dream away. Yes, I admit my grammar is poor, but I write from my heart and soul. Because of you and Tymothy - I 'aspire no more'. You are two very special people that have opened the door to my dream. Once again.. I am a writer ~ ♥ ~ Thank you

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