Tuesday, 13 November 2012


In the days of today it seems like everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants to get their face on TV, whether they have talent or not, in my opinion shows such as “The Only Way Is Essex” and other reality shows like that. Making people famous for not doing much at all, this makes it hard for people like me to break into the acting industry, someone that wants to be in the industry for the pure love for what they like to do. Not for the fame and money and everything that comes with it, even though that would be nice, I do it for no other reason than that is what I love to do.


Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be an actor, growing up in a family where most off the members were performers themselves, whether it be actors or dancers, or even singers. It has given me a love for acting, growing up when people asked me what I wanted to be, I don’t think I have ever thought of anything other than acting, my mind has been set on doing this for years and I really don’t think it’s going to change at all.

Throughout my life I have been involved in many amateur productions around the area where I live, where I gained the experience in acting, my first choice would have been to go to a Drama School from when I was young, but these days everything is so expensive that I wouldn’t of been able to afford even if I wanted to, but in order to try and succeed I had to try and get my experience some other way. School was never a good way to try get experience, especially as everyone that had taken drama took it so they could muck around and have fun as it was the “easy subject” and I’m pretty sure the teachers didn’t really care about the lesson either, they never turned up, so I was never really going to learn anything. Coming out of school my grades weren’t the best, so getting into college I was going to be a challenge for me, I couldn’t take A levels, so I got put into a BTEC in performing arts, and let’s just say that might have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I used to love college so much, it gave me some good experience and not only did I get more help on my acting, it taught me how to sing and dance, granted I was never very good as the dancing, but I tried. Doing nearly three shows a year, where I got to transform myself into different characters, something that wasn’t me, something new. Somewhere you don’t have to be yourself and you can become whoever and whatever you want. There were no limits.

Throughout the College shows, I managed to play the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, Collins in Rent, Henri Toulouse Lautrec in Panto of the opera, and many more. Learning how to script write as well when I was there also opened my eyes to a whole new experience. Learning how to script, create characters, backstories- the lot. And since leaving college I have carried on doing that.
Whilst I was in College, I started to get quite lucky, in the end of my second year, beginning of my third. I signed up to an online agent, I have always been quite wary of online agents, because you never know if the casting is going to be a real one or not, I started to apply for a lot of different castings. I started to get emails and phone calls. It seemed quite surreal at the time, starting to go to a lot of auditions was a new experience. And never has much experience in doing so. I got this phone call from a music video company, they had called me in to shoot as an extra in the You Me At Six video, the date they gave me, was the night of a show we were doing at college. But luckily I got out of doing the show, so I could shoot the video. And I think it was a good call that I managed to get out of the show. Doing the video shoot, got me quite a few contacts that have helped me where I have got today, since then I have done a few music videos, a few short films, and 2 major movies, and this is all from little connections that you meet at different shoots.

At the moment I have been shooting a film called C.O.O.L.I.O which will be premiering in London at the end of this month. Playing the younger version of one of the main characters. My first speaking role in a film, so at the moment this is an exciting time for me. And hopefully this could help me in my future career if it takes off like it’s expected to. But only time shall tell. 

Also at the moment I am working two different scripts, which I think could have potential in the future.

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