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You can contact me at :
Twitter : @deb_allen1

"It's all about networking, connecting, supporting each other and sharing"
For me, keeping a blog is about sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas. There is a worldwide  community of creative people out there writing for pleasure or a living, who keep blogs, websites and use many of the social networks available. Because of the Internet, connecting with like-minded people is now more accessible than ever before. I'm looking forward to blog hopping and connecting with others.  
 I'm always open to learning and suggestions. So, if anyone should stumble across my blog please feel free to input. I'm currently taking a writing course to improve my confidence and skills. But in the meantime, now, feels like the right time to at-least  make a start, freeing the novel that for many years has been locked inside of me.  I have always known what type of story I would like to write.
My interest in the supernatural, paranormal and history of wicca has been a great source of inspiration, seeding many ideas which I have endlessly jotted down.
 I'm looking forward to researching, constructing my ideas, bringing characters to life and most importantly - go with the flow, enjoy the experience, and let my imagination finally break down the barriers that have held me back for so long.
So please come join me, with what I feel will be a wonderful and creative journey. 

"I'm ready to follow my dream"