Micro Fiction

Micro fiction are short-short stories of 100 words or more. 
Also known as Flash fiction, which are no longer than 1000 words.

Here's a selection of some micro stories I have written. I hope you enjoy them ;)

In The Shadows
You never know what may be lurking in the shadows. Oh go on, just have a peek... you know you want to!

Hello September
Autumn is just around the corner, and natures colours will glow, red, brown, orange and gold.           

When night draws in ' The shadows'  return, and hairs will stand on the back of your neck- with shivers down your spine.
You'll look around but never find them, they'll  appear when you least expect it, and can only be seen from the corner of the eye.
Then... one blink and they're gone .

I'm so proud that - Underneath The Juniper Tree - posted  on their site a #under140story of mine. 
 It was an #epic weekend on Twitter. Many short stories were tweeted, and I was so inspired. 

My chosen story was : 

There's a monster in my cupboard.
No. You're in the cupboard. Now Shh...  Or the child in the room will get you! 

To read other writers short stories go to..Under The Juniper Tree on-line blog and magazine  http://underneaththejunipertree.com/?p=511 

 Mist descended and seagulls screamed. A voice whispered 
" You're safe." I turned only to see a bloodied hook come towards me. 

 I was constantly looking over my shoulder. The screams were getting louder. Then I realised I was running towards them. 

The Clock
 The clock stopped. I groaned. Then out of the darkness a hand grabbed me. It was hot and sticky as I was dragged towards hell. 

The Contract 
You signed the contract and sealed the deal. Did you not think we would find you.You've lived your life in trails of blood.

The Aisle
 I know you love me and I love you. But, the worst day of my life was when you asked if I would walk down the aisle in trails of blood. 

Copyright : Debbie Allen 2011