Saturday, 30 July 2011

Keeping a blog

I'm still working at developing my blog and although it is taking some time, I'm getting there.Fortunately I love following blogs, and very good ones at that.
I began following Allie Burke and Tymothy Longoria on Twitter. And as a writer, over the past few months my confidence has grown. Reading their blogs has given me so much. They are writers, who with a passion spread the word. The word being to 'Aspire No More'.  I no longer call myself an aspiring writer. I am a writer! Thank you Allie and Tymothy .


  1. Deb... Thank you... <3 For your comments. Your support and the love you have shown me since we met has been overwhelming. Your story... I must thank you for sharing. I must thank you... for everything.


    Deb... Oh, Debbie. My friend. Today you have put me into tears. You, YOU, are an inspiration. That's right.

    I have a tattoo on my ankle which represents the band Rise Against. It also means, "Fight for what you love."

    There are many things that many of us go through in life that try to beat us down but you are a true fighter for what you love. For Writing. You've been an amazing supporter of both Tymothy and I and I can't express how much I love you for it. You are a Writer, Debbie, and I am honored by your words, your experience, and truly, am honored to know you.

    Thank YOU.

  2. Hi Allie
    Thank you so much for your beautiful reply.
    I believe in destiny. And, it was destiny that connected me with you and Tymothy. Thank God for Twitter ;)
    It was meant to be! At the beginning, how little did I know what impact reading your tweets, blogs and fb pages were to have on me. In the past few months my confidence has grown. When I read your post 'Aspire No More' sharing how Tymothy inspired you. Then I was ready to let you both know what positive affect you have had on me, and why.
    I have a long way to go. But, fighting for what I love to do has been awoken.
    You both write with spirit, soul and heart. Truly showing the power of the written word.
    Bless you my friends .... *~♥~*....

  3. "Once you choose hope, anything's possible."–Superman a.k.a. Christopher Reeve

    Debbie. Everything Allie said I would only be repeating...but it bears repeating!

    I look forward to seeing your tweets...they are a constant reminder that I am doing something someone hears...reads. You are that reminder.

    You are a friend to me--in it's fullest sense. Friendship knows know boundaries or limits. Love sees no walls, but if it should, it breaks through them.
    The limits of our physical being are nothing compared to the limitlessness of our spirit. You have a fighting spirit and yes, YOU are the inspiration.

    I told a friend a long time ago who suffered tragedy..."YOU are Strength."

    Debbie you are strength and I am honored and humbled to be called a friend.

    Allie has been a great support and friend as well--but that goes without saying. I felt you when you included us together. I really did, and I can never say this enough:

    Thank you.

  4. Hey Tymothy
    Thank you for your words of support,friendship and love.
    Your spirit shines through with every word you write. I feel a connection where distance holds no limits. From across the pond - London Calling. As you say, with hope and strength anything is possible. Because of you and Allie I know this now.
    Thank you my fellow writer, tweep and most importantly friend.*~♥~*.