Monday, 29 August 2011

Bedtime #under140story

I'm so proud that - Underneath The Juniper Tree - had posted  on their site a #under140story of mine. 
 It was an #epic weekend on Twitter. Many short stories were tweeted, and I was so inspired. 

My chosen story was : BEDTIME 
Bedtime – No! – Why?- There’s a monster in my cupboard. No you’re in the cupboard. Shh or the child in the room will get you. @deb_allen1
To read other writers short stories go to..Under The Juniper Tree on-line blog and magazine 

A special Thank you to Marjorie and Tex ( Underneath The Juniper Tree ) 

The other stories I tweeted were :
 Mist descended and seagulls screamed. A voice whispered " You're safe" I turned only to see a bloodied hook come towards me. 
 I was constantly looking over my shoulder. The screams were getting louder. Then I realised I was running towards them. 
The Clock
 The clock stopped. I groaned. Then out of the darkness a hand grabbed me. It was hot and sticky as I was dragged towards hell. 

Under140 stories .. Bedtime - Mist - Screams- The Clock.. Copyright: Debbie Allen 2011

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